Episode 100 w/ Acronym


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0:00 Intro by The Lin
0:23 Acronym guest intros, sponsor thanks
2:50 Self-titled album just released by the jazz trio, info on recording and song approach
6:00 How the songs are composed and “completed.” Differences from standard jazz.
10:20 Communication between members while playing, space within the songs. Goal for a less dense sound.
14:20 Album track “Quarantined
17:40 Influences, comparisons
20:20 Bass chat
23:30 Plans for release roll-out, finding a market, jazz scene around here
27:10 Album track “Spiranthy
30:25 Peers, more on jazz community, building connections
34:40 Difference between jazz in NY vs Portland – function gigs, covers/originals, etc
40:25 Jazz originals vs standards – perceptions – more on getting this record to more ears and venues
45:50 Album track “Fragment
47:30 Hope to play out of Portland.  Places need a piano!
49:50 “Fragment” song chat, purpose of song
53:30 Episode wrap-up, links and info, bye!