Episode 46 w/ Sara Hallie Richardson


Welcome to Episode 46.  For this episode, Sara Hallie Richardson was kind of enough to traverse Market St with us.  Finally ended up at The Armory.  From there, martinis and coffee were consumed and we talked about her new album, Restless.  We discussed the way in which the album was recorded and the instruments, software and techniques used for production. We also took a pretty deep dive in to most of the songs, covering everything from what the songs were about to the transitions used to move from verses to choruses.  The album is available through iTunes and bandcamp right now.

Restless on iTunes here

Twitter: @sarahallie

Bandcamp: http://shrichardson.bandcamp.com/

Episode #35 Roundtable 6- Ladies’ Night


Welcome to episode 35, Ladies’ Night!  Holly Nunan, Anna Lombard and Sara Hallie Richardson helped us maintain our “Explicit” rating, during our conversation at The Armory in Portland.

We discussed each of their musical projects, where their interest in music comes from and the way they approach song writing.  You will also hear Trent read a deeply personal email of Anna’s.  Also, as a bonus, you will hear as Holly attempts to restrain herself when Dan reveals how feels about a certain classic rock Darling.

As with the previous episode, you are far better off listening to this, than reading a bunch of cold and cobbled together words on a screen.  Download it now.

Sara Hallie Richardson- @sarahallie, http://www.myspace.com/96275625

Holly Nunan- @hollynunan, News by the Nunz

Anna Lombard- @aelombard, http://www.myspace.com/gypsytailwind